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My wife saw an ad in a magazine about a new product called REDLINE PRINCESS, how is this different from your regular redline and how can it help her?
Redline Princess offers the same intense energy and fat-burning effects as Original Redline with the added benefit of mood enhancement and mental clarity. For those women who want an energy drink but do not want the “jittery effects and hyped up attitude,” Redline Princess offers that plus more. It contains an ingredient known as the “love drug” which is the same ingredient in chocolate that terms it an aphrodisiac.
How is your new Meltdown different from Redline?
Meltdown and Redline are comprised of many different ingredients. Redline is formulated to produce a stimulant/energy/fat-burning effect, while Meltdown is formulated to produce a Euphoric/fat-burning effect that has the ability to curb your appetite and eliminate carb cravings. Meltdown is a super potent fat burning that increases mental acuity beyond your wildest imagination. There are two great articles in this publication on Meltdown. Read these and then take some Meltdown – it will take your mind and fat burning 10 years into the future!
What’s the difference between Redline and Meltdown? Should I use Meltdown over Redline? Can I stack Redline and Meltdown?
This depends on your goal and whether you want to consume an RTD or a pill. REDLINE is the premier energy drink on the market. The Redline liquid capsule and drink are great for both energy and fat burning. Redline Xtreme RTD can also improve reaction time and increase metabolic rate. MELTDOWN can also radically increase metabolic rate as well as lipolysis. If you want extreme energy along with fat burning take Redline. If you favor primarily fat burning over energy you may want to go with Meltdown. Try them both – I personally like to switch back and forth with both Meltdown and Redline depending on how clean my diet is and how much energy I need to stimulate. Do NOT stack (use) both Meltdown and Redline at the same time.
What exactly is Redline® Extreme?
The Extreme version of Redline provides far more energy than the original formula and also provides more focus and stamina then before. Redline Xtreme has many of the same ingredients as the original, but also includes the addition of five new compounds that work synergistically together to enhance other ingredients. Redline Xtreme also provides a neurological stimulant to not only stimulate your body, but you your mind as well. And, the biggest difference with Redline Xtreme is that it contains Beta-Alanine which increases whole body creatine retention and allows to lift more weight for more reps.

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