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I would like to say that your products are awesome!!!! I have not been this impressed with any one brand of anything!! I have tried Meltdown, Redline, Zero Carb, Glucosa Cream, Synthesize, and NO Shotgun... they are ALL excellent products. You don’t seem to have the image issues that many other brand names have. You sell stuff that helps us achieve our fitness goals the right way. Anyway, just wanted to lift you guys/galls up! Thanks for doing a great job!
Godspeed, RZ
I would just like to say that have recently tried the Green Apple flavor of your Redline’s FANTASTIC!!!!! I will never drink another Monster, Redbull, Rockstar or any of that other garbage that they’re trying to push off as “energy boosters”. Your product keeps me going for about a half hour before I start work(3:30pm) until about an hour after I get home from work(12:30am). If you guys ever need a spokesman to speak out on your behalf, I will do it!!!! So in closing, thank you for actually putting an energy drink on the market that works!!!!
Your new loyal customer,
Mike C
The best out there.....
I want to start out by telling you guys i think that your energy drink REDLINE® RTD is the best out there..... when i need that extra push or hardcore workout i can ALWAYS depend on your product.... By the way I'm 19 year old female with status of 5'9, 136 pounds, 16% bodyfat, on a strict diet and work out program.... workingout, sharpens new mental and physical strengths i never knew i had... with these strengths I'm looking into furthuring my education the area of nutruition and physical heath .... so i just wanted to say thanks to you guys and keep up the good guys helped me be where i need to be....
Thanks again....
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